LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED lighting has revolutionised lighting design both inside and outside the home. LED lights are small and energy-efficient, generating far less heat than fluorescent and incandescent alternatives. The light emitted by LEDs can be gentle and natural, providing a warm ambience to any room. At Atech Electrical, our team can install LED lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, gardens – and wherever else you need an unobtrusive and convenient source of light.

Our fully qualified team provide both design and installation services, helping you make the most of the lighting in your home or business.

Energy savings

Energy-saving LED lights have an incredibly long life span and offer significant long-term energy savings. This is good not only for your wallet, but also for the environment due to reduced electricity demand.

Commercial customers

LED lights are a great replacement for halogen spotlights or fluorescent tubes in offices and commercial buildings. We work with many local businesses to install LED office lights that save hundreds of pounds in electricity bills over the life-cycle of each lamp, whilst also reducing heat, glare and noise.

LED panel lighting lasts significantly longer than fluorescent tube lighting, with monthly energy cost savings of over 40%.

Domestic customers

A three-bedroom house using incandescent and halogen lighting will spend nearly 10% of its energy bill on lighting every year. Exchanging the lighting in your kitchen, bathroom and living room for LED alternatives is therefore a fast and effective way to reduce your household energy bills, as well as improving the look of your rooms. The latest LED lamps use little electricity, giving you significant savings while emitting the same level of light as traditional bulbs

Where we work

We offer LED lighting services to businesses and homes across Oxfordshire, including Abingdon, Didcot, Oxford, Oxon, Thame, Witney and Wallingford.

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