Testing and Inspections

Testing & Inspections

At Atech Electrical we offer a range of electrical testing services to ensure your safety. Testing and inspections include fixed wiring inspections, fire alarm and emergency lighting tests, and portable appliance testing (PAT) for domestic and commercial customers. We cover customers across Oxfordshire, including Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Didcot, Wantage, Wallingford, Thame and the surrounding areas.

Why inspections are important

Faulty electrics are a major source of fires in the UK, so regular testing and inspections play an important role in safeguarding property and persons against fire risk. There are many different circumstances in which you may need electrical testing. As a landlord, regular testing is required for your landlord’s inspection. You may also need testing to validate an insurance policy, or simply for reassurance that your appliances are safe. As an employer regular testing is required to ensure your compliance with health and safety regulations.

Electrical testing reveals potential hazards, including faulty circuitry and damaged wiring. A thorough electrical inspection involves checking fuses, circuit breakers, RCDs and earth wires, as well as fixed wiring. Early detection enables risk to be reduced and repairs to be made before a potentially dangerous fault occurs.

It is recommended that all homeowners carry out a full wiring inspection every five years and businesses a minimum of every five years with more frequent testing in hazardous areas.

PAT Testing

A PAT test determines whether or not an electrical appliance is safe to use. The PAT tester searches for defects that could potentially cause an electrical fault. A qualified electrician will be able to detect some of these defects through a visual examination process, while other defects would only be detected with specialised equipment. This is why it is essential that a professional fully trained operative carries out the inspection.

When do you need a PAT test?

All electric appliances used in a commercial or domestic rental (when provided by the landlord) have to be kept in a safe condition. Employers have a legal obligation to keep their appliances safe under the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989). While it isn’t obligatory to get PAT tests at set intervals, regular inspections are strongly advised. The more power an appliance uses, the more frequently it is used or the harsher the environment, the more regularly you will want to get it checked.

Office equipment requires less frequent testing.

Onsite tools require a minimum of annual testing plus regular on site operative inspections.

For instance, a pneumatic drill used every day on a construction site will need PAT testing more frequently than a domestic electric steamer that is used four times a year. Common sense should apply here, but we recommend that offices should have all appliances PAT tested by a professional electrician every three year and landlords have all appliances PAT tested by a professional electrician annually.

To arrange this service, simply give us call or message us here.

Why work with Atech?

Our team of electricians at Atech are qualified to carry out tests and inspections on a full range of equipment and wiring systems, in both domestic and commercial properties. We carry out a thorough inspection and comprehensive series of tests to rule out faults, and can provide professional advice based on our training and knowledge.

  • We have the equipment to carry out tests and inspections correctly.
  • We have the knowledge to carry out accurate visual examinations.
  • We have the experience and training to interpret the results to determine if appliances and wiring systems are safe.
  • We provide inspection certificates detailing our finding.

Save money on your electrical inspections

Whether you want reassurance about your wiring or need your whole appliance inventory checking, we can carry out tests quickly and efficiently, and issue you with the necessary paperwork to prove compliance. To arrange your electrical inspection, or for a free estimate, send us a message through our enquiry form.

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